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The posture evaluation systemToday, for a more immediate clinical approach it is possible to install an "IMPROLAB" that allows to measure the posture in an objective way through innovative "non-invasive" systems.The evaluation of posture and movement can be extremely useful in the clinical field for the planning and control of specific rehabilitative treatments."IMPROLAB" is able to perform frequent checks and to accurately measure body balance data both when stationary and on the way through a baropodometric platform for measuring plantar pressures and an optoelectronic system for the deepening of the whole body. body.The postural evaluations consist in analyzing the patient, and recording the information of the plantar support (baropodometric test), of the body (morphological test) and of the equilibrium (stabilometric test).The acquired data are then processed by the "Dynamo" program, an expert system for the in-depth processing of biomechanical and postural alterations."IMPROLAB" wants to be the solution to monitor with extreme clarity the state of the patient at the beginningtherapy, checking its variations over time as a result of treatments given to the patient himself, in order to reduce relapse and aggravation for those who are ill.Moreover, the computerized analysis of the movement provides the possibility to monitor in an absolutely objective manner the effectiveness of certain treatments.Having an "IMPROLAB" gives the specialist the opportunity to better understand the functional limitation of the patient, to know the efficacy of certain therapeutic pathways and consequently to optimize the choice of the most suitable treatment for the individual patient.

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