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At the end of the exercises the specialist can decide how to set the training path to be given to the patient in order to improve his proprioceptive capacity.PROBALANCE system, easy to carry, light, easy to use with usable results thanks to an immediate visualization.PROBALANCE should be part of the indispensable technologies used by all specialists who are concerned with rehabilitating their patients.

Today, functional assessment is the first step in training planning for both fitness / wellness and amateur / professional sportspeople.Whatever the goal, the basis on which to build the training is the assessment of the proprioceptive capacity of the patient.All the most recent studies show the direct relationship between the improvement of the performance in any field, resistance, strength, power, elasticity, etc., and the increase of proprioceptive capacities.This system allows to perform, in a very rapid time and with immediately visible results, a study on the stimulation of plantar proprioceptivity, possible strengthening of the muscles of the lower limb, trying to optimize the control of the body balance.The study starts with the recovery of balance in bipodalic support, we continue with the verification of the ability to balance thanks to exercises both on the left-right plane and on the antero-posterior plane, up to an assessment of the capacity in monopodalic support.The possibility of varying the duration of each individual test and the possibility of choosing between different degrees of difficulty, make PROBALANCE a suitable and ideal tool for the evaluation of any person.

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